Shrimp Pork Wonton Soup
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Wonton soup with prawn and pork filling. This recipe makes 23 medium sized wontons.
Recipe type: Quick Soup Recipes
Cuisine: Chinese
Serves: 4
Wonton Filling
  • 100 g peeled and deveined large shrimps (7 shrimps) - each chopped into 1 cm pieces
  • 50 g minced pork (with slight fat)
  • 3 tbsp chopped spring onions
  • 2 packed tbsp of minced cilantro leaves and stems
  • 2 tbsp chopped water chestnuts
  • ¾ tbsp light soy sauce
  • ¾ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp minced ginger
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp cornstarch
  • Pinch of ground white pepper
  • 23 square thin wonton wrappers
  • 4 cups chicken stock (homemade chicken stock or store-bought low-sodium chicken stock)
  • Baby bok choy (3-4 leafs per bowl)
  • Light soy sauce - 1 tsp or to taste
  • 2 garlic cloves - smashed
  • Sea salt - to taste
  • 8 stalks of spring onions - tear into half
  • Chopped spring onions and cilantro leaves for garnishing
  1. Combine all the ingredients for wonton filling in a bowl and mix well with chopsticks/spoon. The mixture should be slightly sticky. Before wrapping the wontons, get ready the following items on a flat work area: a small bowl of water, a cheesecloth or damp small towel, the wonton wrappers, 1 kitchen paper (to wipe your fingers) and a large plate/tray to put your wrapped wontons.prepare wonton filling
  2. Wash your hands and towel dry. To wrap wontons, take a piece of wonton skin and place it on your hand or on a flat surface. Dab a little water on the top half of the wonton edge. Take about a tsp of the pork mixture and put in in the center of the wonton skin. Not too much filling or it will be harder to wrap.put filling in wonton
  3. Fold into a half and smooth out any air pockets. Then dab a little water on the bottom left of the wonton. The water acts like glue to seal the wonton skin.fold wonton into half
  4. Hold both sides and fold them to the center. Press on the bottom of the wonton firmly to seal it up.fold wonton skin
  5. Cover the wontons with a cheesecloth or a damp clean cloth to prevent them from drying up if you are not cooking them immediately after wrapping. Keep any unused wontons in an airtight container in the fridge and use within 1 day.
  6. To prepare wontons, bring water to a boil in a wide pot. Add the baby bok choy and blanch for about a minute. Remove and arrange into individual serving bowls.cook bok choy
  7. Gently put in the wontons and boil on medium-high heat for about 4 minutes. When they start to float, take one out and open it with spoon/chopsticks. If it is fully cooked, remove the rest of the wontons immediately and portion them on top of the bok choy. If not, boil for another minute or so.boiling wontons
  8. To prepare the wonton soup, heat up chicken stock in a pot. Add the spring onion stalks together with the smashed garlic cloves. When it boils, remove the spring onions. You can leave the garlic in if you wish. Season with sea salt and light soy sauce. Turn off the heat. Sprinkle with chopped spring onions and parsley leaves. Then pour the hot chicken stock into the bowls. Finish with a drizzle of sesame oil. Serve hot.boil chicken stock
Cooking Notes
1. If you make a big batch of wontons, freeze uncooked wontons by wrapping the tray/plate of wontons with a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer. Once they are completely frozen, transfer them into a ziplock bag. They can be kept in the freezer for about a month.

2. To store leftover wonton wrappers, seal them in the packaging they're in tightly and keep in a container (or wrap with newspaper) inside the fridge for up to a week. Or freeze them and thaw before using the next time.
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