Chinese Chicken Stock Recipe (Thermal Cooker Recipe)
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Chinese chicken stock cooked in a thermal cooker.
Recipe type: Thermal Cooking
Cuisine: Chinese
Serves: 9 cups
  • 1.3 kg chicken - washed (wingtips and feet. backs are a good choice too)
  • 3 scallions - cut into 2" length pieces
  • 15 g ginger - sliced into thick pieces
  • 3 L cold water (or enough to submerge all the ingredients by an inch)
  1. Bring all ingredients to a boil over high heat in the thermal cooker's inner pot. Reduce heat and skim off surface scum (not the oil as it provides flavor) till there is none. Simmer over medium-low heat for at least an hour. (I simmered mine for around 1.5 hours).
  2. Just before you place the inner pot into the thermal cooker, turn heat to high to bring the stock to a rolling boil. Turn off heat and carefully transfer the pot into the outer container. Close lids for both the inner and outer pot. Let it continue to cook in the thermal cooker for about 4 - 6 hours.
  3. When the stock is done, remove the chicken, scallions and ginger and set aside. Strain the liquid into a large bowl. Once cooled, pour into individual jars. I used a funnel to prevent spillage when transferring into jars. Leave the fat on top as it forms a protective layer from bacteria. You can easily scrape it off (or not depending on your stand with fat) when refrigerated and ready to use.
  4. Use the stock within 4-5 days if stored in the refrigerator or freeze them for future use.
Cooking Notes
1. The color of the stock will be creamy white or clear depending on the level of heat used during cooking. Using very low heat to gently simmer the liquid will produce a clearer stock. If medium heat is used throughout, the resultant stock will be creamier in color.
2. The amount of ingredients is a guide. I used a Tiger 5.2L thermal cooker for this recipe. You may have to adjust the quantity if using a different sized unit.
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